Praised for her elegance and power as a dancer, respected as a pedagogical and dedicated teacher, Melina’s passion for Argentine Tango is undeniable. When she isn’t traveling throughout North America or Europe, performing in festivals, giving workshops or even DJ’ing, she works in Montreal, one of the most popular city in North America to dance Tango. Taking her first Tango steps as a teenager, in her neighbourhood studio Montango (where she taught for many years), Melina fell in love with the dance. With a slightly different background from the usual professional dancers, Melina’s body knowledge came from years of martial arts training and sports. Impatient for more coaching, she continued her studies with teachers from all over the world and took many classical ballet and Pilates classes to complement her dance. She has since then worked with different dancers (such as Ney Melo (NYC), Cristian Sierra (Chile) and Raphaël Baron (Mtl)), as well as participated in several Tango shows and movie sets. She has also explored both the leader and follower’s roles in the dance, making her a strong solo teacher and versatile dancer. She currently gives workshops in different Studios of Montreal where she is available for private and group classes.

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